Precision requires trust.

We maintain a trusting, honest and long-term relationship with our customers. This provides a solid base, to develop over time and with the customer as well as producing sophisticated high-quality tech products. The industry and customer structure is diverse, both national and international. Precision knows no boarder.
Pfeiffer Gebaeude Unternehmen
Icon Antriebstechnik

Power Train System

Drives assist us in an everyday life, promote mobility, facilitate processes, are the heart of every technical system. Pfeiffer supplies the required gears and/ or components for those power train systems e.g., automatic seat adjustment in cars, drive components for opening/ closing convertible top covers, gear drives for mechanical and plant engineering and much more.

Icon Fluidtechnik

Fluid power

Systems, which transport gases and liquids consist of components with high requirements in terms of material, surface quality, dimensional accuracy, and surface treatment. The production does require a high level of vertical integration and a holistic understanding of the product. Pfeiffer has been supplying parts for product range for more than 30 years.

Icon Montagesysteme

Assembly systems and tools

The assembly of technical products is to an increasing degree automated. Handling devices are used in assembly lines to support staff in handling processes more effectively and efficiently. The devices record data in accordance with IOT and thus generate a sub-component for safety and product traceability. These devices contain precision components from Pfeiffer.

Icon Medizintechnik

Medical applications

The medical industry offers a wide range of uses and needs for high-precision components in the small and medium-volume segment, such as instruments, drives for navigation systems, tools, handling systems and much more. The industry not only requires a high level of technological understanding, but also places high demands on quality and validation processes at suppliers. Pfeiffer supplies this branch with different components and is certified according to the latest DIN ISO regulations.

Icon Maschinenbau

Mechanical and system engineering

Pfeiffer supplies sub-components for e.g., the handling of machines and systems. Furthermore, components for drives, fluid systems, components for clamping devices, all require precise components. We are your appropriate partner.

Icon Elektroindustrie

Electrical industry

Metallic components make up a high percentage of electrical and electronic systems, e.g., motors, heat exchangers. Within this branch, Pfeiffer can draw more than 50 years of experience.