The new. The start of a long tradition.
The presence requires the constant debate with the question, what is traditional for the future. To do this, an entrepreneur do needs foresight, determination, and courage. Virtues that Hermann Josef Pfeiffer already lived and realized in 1923 when he founded a wainwright tool shop, where he invented in 1926 the first wooden half-automated washing machine in the Black Forest.
Pfeiffer Gebaeude heute
Thinking quality. Create quality.
Regular calibration in the company forms the basis for reliable quality. Whether large series, medium- and small-sized volumes, prototype manufacturing in Pfeiffer’s tool shop - state of the art machinery, high qualified and committed employees, as well as enthusiasm to always deliver one hundred percent quality, are the pillars of Pfeiffer’s success.

Karriere bei Pfeiffer

Als erfolgreiches und international ausgerichtetes Unternehmen sind wir ständig auf der Suche nach gut qualifizierten Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern, mit denen wir uns gemeinsam den zukünftigen Anforderungen stellen, um unsere anspruchsvollen Ziele zu erreichen.

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