There is Precision.

Black Forest stands for calmness, profundity, stability and is the cradle of the clock and precision technology and industry. With these virtues, of tradition and the experience, Pfeiffer accompanies you on the way to the optimal solution for your intricate product. Pfeiffer is more than a full-service provider.

We manufacture for you:

  • Partially processed parts,
  • Full serviced parts with different surface treatments according surface specifications,
  • Device production,
  • Partial- or full assembly of your products
Pfeiffer Gebaeude Unternehmen


  • Swiss-type parts on CNC machines from ∅ 1 bis 38 mm, till 1 m length
  • Short turned parts from ∅ 4 till 80 mm, on cam-controlled and CNC machines
  • Chuck clamped parts till ∅ 350 mm
  • Turning with diamant of non-ferrous metals till ∅ 140 mm
  • Hard turning till ∅ 200 mm
  • Vertical turning till ∅ 200 mm


  • CNC Machining center till 5 axes
    (X= 1600 mm, Y= 500 mm, Z= 450 mm)

Gear Cutting

  • Module 0.4 till 2.5
  • Spur gearing
  • Bevel gearing
  • Spherical gearing
  • Chain-sprocket wheels and drive pulley’s
  • Serrated gearing and all other special gearing according to customer specifications


  • Broaching: Profiled holes and gearings, with horizontal and vertical machines
  • Slotting: Groove width from 3 till 32 mm, groove length at 425 mm
  • Honing: Holes from Ø 0.8 till 100 mm

Rolling / Roll Thread

  • Worm gearing till Modul 2,25
  • Standard thread till M30
  • Fine thread till M50x3
  • Trapezodial spindle, pitch until 4 mm
  • Serrated gearing until pitch of 2 mm
  • Finish rolling, knurling, beading


  • Center height 175 mm, grinding length 500 mm
  • Part length max 1000 mm
  • Centerless grinding conventional and CNC machines
  • Infeed- and thru feed method Ø 0.5 mm bis Ø 80 mm
  • Internal grinding 1.5 till 50 mm, grinding length 80 mm


  • Rotatory parts polished by rotary transfer machines
  • Cubic parts, manual polishing units
  • Vibro – grinding and finishing

Assembly of devices / sub-assembly

We also assemble devices/ sub-assemblies in different dimension and lot sizes. Please contact us for more and detailed information’s